Why is the correct pencil grip important?

dynamic tripod pencil grip

What is the correct grip?

The dynamic tripod grip (as in the image above).

The pencil is held between the thumb and index finger, with the pencil resting against the middle finger. 

An efficient pencil grip facilitates legibility, letter formation, speed and endurance. An efficient pencil grip is one in which the writing tool is controlled only through finger movements. This occurs when the pinkie side of the hand supports the whole hand against the writing surface, allowing the other fingers to hold and move the pencil/pen/crayon.

Children use unusual and often inefficient grasp patterns for a variety of reasons: muscle weakness, joint laxity, poor sensory feedback, or lack of experience with writing tools.

It is important to try to modify the pencil grip as early as possible.

Stages of development

This is the progression of grip development although there are big differences as to what age children acquire the skills.  A few children will jump stages while others go through a phase of using a combination of grasps.

Adaptive pencil grips may be helpful in teaching children to modify their grasp. 

Please use this grip as often as possible to teach your child the correct pencil grip.

Correct use of the stetro pencil grip: 

The arrow on the grip must point to the tip of the pencil.  The arrow should be between the thumb and index finger. The thumb is placed on the star.

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