Formats for pre-school class reports

Report templates compiled by an occupational therapist and based on the Development of the Child Checklist – birth to 7 years old.

Easy to use formats for pre-school class reports.

For children age 3 months – 6 years old. Each age band has their own class report.

Developmental areas include movement, activities of daily living, communication, cognitive skills, personality traits, play, ball skills, coordination, perception, hand function, basic concepts, body concept, number concept, form concept, colour concept, size concept, building with blocks, threading beads, cutting with scissors, drawing a person, picture-reading, story-time, writing, prepositions.

The developmental areas included* in each report are the following:

*(if applicable for that age group)

  • Movement
  • Communication skills
  • Personality traits / temperament
  • Ball skills
  • Perception
  • Basic concepts
  • Number concept
  • Colour concept
  • Building with blocks
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Drawing a person
  • Story-time
  • Prepositions
  • Activities of daily living
  • Cognitive skills
  • Playing
  • Coordination
  • Grasps & hand function
  • Body concept
  • Form concept
  • Size concept
  • Working with beads
  • Drawing / painting
  • Picture-reading
  • Writing
  • Senses

Each category can be completed by the teacher and is divided into:

 - Very good

-  Functional for age group

- Needs some help/assistance

- Problematic

These report are all typed in Word 2010. You can add your school and class logo as well as each child’s personal information. The reports can also be printed in A5 size to make a booklet.

Each school that bought the reports may use them as often as they need and make as many copies as necessary. You are not allowed to forward this to other schools/institutions as these reports are protected by copyright – Carla Grobler Occupational Therapist 2012.


Example pages from a few reports:

3 month old age group


SkillsBaby’s performance
Able to lift his head and chest when lying on his tummy
Able to kick with 1 or both feet when lying on his tummy
Able to roll from his side onto his back
In sitting (with support / being held) his head-control is sufficient
Starts to bring his hands to his midline* (puts it in his mouth / touches blanket or clothes)
Able to kick with his legs while lying on his back

*Midline: The imaginary vertical line that divides the body into 2 parts

Communication Skills

SkillsBaby’s performance
Reacts verbally to sound
Makes a cooing sound
Looks to see where a sound is coming from
Reacts to loud sounds with the fright reflex*
Calms down when listening to soft music
Turns around when you talk to her
Wakes up when hearing loud sounds / voices
Recognizes some voices and stops crying when she hears it
Smiles in response when someone talks to her
Makes one-letter sounds

*Fright reflex: Straightening and then bending arms and legs

Cognitive Skills

SkillsBaby’s performance
Smiles in response to people / being talked to (selective)
Starts to anticipate objects – e.g. bottle

18 - 24 months old age group

Activities of daily living


SkillsBaby’s performance
Tries to brush her own hair
Tries to brush her own teeth


SkillsBaby’s performance
Co-operates with dressing activities


SkillsBaby’s performance
Able to pick toys up and put it away
Parallel play (plays alongside other children – not with them)
Replicates and helps with simple house-hold chores
Prefers action-toys
Exhibits fantasy play
Enjoys hiding in big boxes
Enjoys it when you read to her

5 years – 5 years 6 months old

Ball Skills

SkillsBaby’s performance
Catches a tennis ball ( 4 out of 10 times)
Able to hit a ball with an object e.g. bat
Catches a tennis ball, after it bounced, with 2 hands
Catches a ball, with 2 hands, after bouncing it on 1 spot
Able to kick a ball in the air
Able to run and kick a ball


Form Constancy

SkillsBaby’s performance
Describes objects according to their shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle), e.g. the door is a rectangle

Analyses and Synthesis

SkillsBaby’s performance
Describes objects according to their shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle), e.g. the door is a rectangle

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