Is a walking ring & jollyjumper good for my baby?


Anything is extremes are usually unhealthy.  Having your baby in a jolly-jumper or walking ring for 15 minutes per day (NO MORE) will not hamper his / her progress.  However, prolonged use of a jolly-jumper or walking ring will influence your baby’s development.

When a baby is placed in a walking ring or jolly jumper they are discouraged to crawl.

Crawling is important for:

  • bilateral integration  –  the 2 sides of the body working together
  • balance
  • praxis  –  ideation, planning and execution of new movements
  • weight bearing to stabilize the big joints  –  shoulder, pelvis
  • hand function  –  strengthens the muscles in the hands
  • exploration of the environment
  • eye-hand coordination
  • trunk stability for postural control  –  the ability maintaining postures with the body, usually against gravity
  • Vestibular control  –  this is stimulated when the head is not in the upright position.  Children with intolerance to vestibular input may avoid playground equipment, become car sick, be fearful of escalators/lifts, etc. 

All the above mentioned skills are necessary for further development and could even have an influence on the child’s school functioning.

A walking ring may teach your child the walk sooner as the movement will simulate walking but crawling is important!  This is not a developmental milestone you want your child to skip.

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