Ideas to improve of reading, spelling and comprehension

  • Name the starting sound/ending sound of words
  • Name and identify letters of the alphabet (sound the letter) – start with lower-case letters and progress to capital letters
  • Write letters  –  let the child learn the correct forming of each letter:  practice this by writing it in salt, forming it with clay, writing down on paper (small letters then capital letters)
  • Start writing 2 – 3 letter words:  child has to sound the letters, add it together and pronounce it.  C  –  a  –  t makes cat
  • Sight words are important.  Sight words are the words that are seen regularly in reading paragraphs.  Children can learn these just through seeing it instead of sounding it
    • Teach your child these words:
    1. st sight words:            this, is, a, an, and, the
    2. nd sight words:           now, I, can, am, with, my
    3. rd sight words:            you, are, not, for, here, there
    4. th sight words:            it, in, or, to, by, then, they
  • Make flash-cards with 2-letters words, progress to 3-letter words then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9  –  in the beginning hold the flashcard until the child is able to read the word, later on only flash the card for 3, 2, 1 second in order for recognition/reading to improve
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  • Teach the child the alphabet (correct sequence)
  • The child must write a word that starts/ends with each letter of the alphabet
  • From Gr. 2 teach your child to pronounce the letters of the alphabet (not sounding it anymore)
  • Let your child read out loud, to you, every day for 5 – 10 minutes. This is in order for you to hear if the child pronounces words correctly, help your child it he/she doesn’t pronounce a word correctly.  Ask questions after the reading to improve comprehension
  • Use a start-chart to encourage your child to read.  For each book the child reads he/she receives 1 start, when he/she has 5 starts reward the child with a chocolate/present/etc. 
  • Don’t read the same book over and over as the child memorizes the book and doesn’t actually read any more
  • Do spelling test with your child.  Start with 2 – 3 letters words – you say the word and the child writes it down
  • Mom mixes the letters of a words, child must unscramble it and write the correct word down. Write down words, 1 spelled correctly and 1 incorrectly, the child must choose
  • Write down words, 1 spelled correctly and 1 incorrectly, the child must choose the correctly spelled word
  • Play hangman (mom thinks of a word, child must guess letters that forms part of the word, for each wrongly guessed letter the head on the man is drawn, then the neck, arms, body, legs until the man is complete), when a child is completed the child lost, if he was able to guess the word before the man is complete, the child wins  –  approximately 10 guesses allowed
  • Comprehension tests
  • Learn about singular and plural
  • Learn about opposites
  • Learn about male and female
  • Learn about mom and baby (e.g. cow and calf)
  • Learn about degrees of comparison
  • Learn about diminutives
  • Sort words according to alphabetical order
  • Do simple word puzzles
  • Word search puzzles
  • Synonyms and antonyms
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