Tips for kids who are left handed

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It seems that more and more children are left-handed these days!!?? This is only partially true as we as parents and teacher are not ‘forcing’ kids to be right handed any more but giving them the opportunity to develop their dominance naturally. Unfortunately we live in a right-handed word as most people are right handed.

The following tips will help left handed children:

1.  Use left handed scissors

The blades of left handed scissors are reversed as to those of right-handed scissors thus the child can see where they are cutting.

Lefties should cut in a clock-wise direction.

2. Lefties should sit on the left side of a table

When sharing a table the left-handed child should sit on the left side as not to bump dominant hands with a right-handed child.

3.  Write down-hill

The child’s page should be position as an up to 45 degree angle (downwards). This allows the child to see what they are writing and postural adaptation of the arm and hand will be avoided.

Positioning of the paper 45 degrees to the right and using a slant-board to ease writing

4. Use a slant-board

Using a slant-board places the wrist in extension thus producing a functional pencil grip. It also brings the pen and paper closer to the child for improved handwriting.

5. Teach gross-motor skills as a left-hander

Stand behind your child when demonstrating gross-motor skills and take their hand/feet through the motions. Where possible buy left handed sports gear.

6. Use left-handed pens/pencils

Certain stationary shops sell pens/pencil designed for left-handed people. The grips of these pens/pencils are designed for the left-handed grip that makes gripping easier.

7. Teach left-handed children how to shape letters differently

Letter formation for left-handed children is a bit different, be aware of these differences teachers!

8. Remember that tying shoelaces works a bit differently


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