Getting little hands ready for writing


Getting little hands ready for writing Download the Full PDF

Which skills are important for writing?
o Postural control
Being able to keep my body upright in the chair and to sit still
o Vision
To be able to see what I am writing
o Eye muscles
The muscles of my eyes should be able to work together or my
writing will blur
o In-hand manipulation skills
To be able to hold and manipulate the pencil in my hand
o Finger and hand strength
My fingers should be strong enough the hold the pencil and
not get tired when I write
o Fine eye-hand coordination
To be able write neatly and accurately
o Visio-motor integration
To copy work from the blackboard or textbook
o Dynamic tripod grip
To hold the pencil correctly for optimum manipulation and that my hand won’t get tired when
o Bilateral integration
My non-dominant hand should support the paper while I write
o Midline-crossing
To be able to cross the imaginary midline of the body
o Hand dominance
To have one hand that is dominant when performing fine coordination tasks
o Visual perception
The building-blocks for reading, writing and maths: discrimination, memory, sequential memory,
foreground-background, form constancy, spatial relations and position in space
o Visual focus

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