Activity ideas for the holiday

Bored kids

Inside play

  • Cut and paste activities/Cut clay/cut straws
  • Play with clay
  • Build puzzles
  • Play board games e.g. Monopoly/Snakes and ladders/Jenga
  • Do sand art
  • Use noodles/macaroni and thread a necklace
  • Use beads and thread bracelets
  • Bake cookies
  • Do dot-to-dot tasks/play Soduku/do crossword puzzles/mazes/chess
  • Play card games e.g. Uno/Go Fish
  • Read stories to your child/let them read to you
  • Let you child listen to stories on a CD e.g. ‘Storieman’
  • Paint/colour/do potato-stamp painting/blow paint across the paper
  • I spy game
  • Let the kids help to do chores e.g. making their own beds/washing dishes/vacuuming
  • Imaginary play e.g. dressing-up
  • Build Lego’s
  • Play with dolls/cars
  • Play musical chairs
  • Sing/dance/make up your own play
  • Play balloon-volleyball
  • Play peg-board games/elastic board games
  • Simon says
  • Make candles using melted crayons – mom needs to help
  • Play telephone-telephone: whisper a word into your child’s ear and they need to whisper it to the next child – what a laugh
  • Twister
  • Play musical instruments
  • Noughts and crosses using paper plates and masking tape
  • Dominoes
  • Make a maze in the hallway using wool/rope
  • Use party-cups to stack a pyramid/steps
  • Have a tea-party
  • Wheelbarrow-walk
  • Beanbag toss to certain numbers/letters/shapes stuck to the floor
  • Walk with a balloon/ball pressed between your ankles/knees
  • Practice magic tricks e.g. with card/do science experiments
  • Hide objects in a room while the other kids watch and then they have to find all of them again
  • Ten-pin-bowling using paper cups and a plastic ball
  • Build men/animals using sweets and food e.g. a marshmallow-man
  • Do arts and crafts

Remember that it is not your responsibility to occupy your children. Let them be bored! Boredom develops creativity and they need to be able to play by themselves.

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